Save Draft on Lifetype what a pity -.-

Is late here and im on the bed, i have eat two cup of green tea and i can’t sleep so im thinking what to write here…

Unfortunatly the "Save Draft" of LifeType is really bad , there isn’t a repository to store not published message, the only draft save is saved sometime and sometime not. i have press "save draft" ten time for then lost what i had write about honeypot.

so now im working more on honeypot and i post something in next day:)

Im really happy for the replay about Xplico and i have to thank Gianluca Costa for the fast and cool replay 🙂

But i have received a weird reply from Disqus, i had write if thay can write my tutorial about add disqus comment on Lifetype and thay replay about Lifewhat? so i think thay don’t know lifetype and we have to whait for have a good working version on this weird blog manager



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  1. Seth Sym says:

    I, too, had difficulty with the save draft function. And, after a quick search on google, I found I wasn’t alone. I have since then moved to wordpress and have found that it has it’s own downfalls. 🙁

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